The centre of the island has its own secret charm. It’s authentically Mallorquin and not at all touristy. Looking for something radically different? You might just fall in love with the central plains. Stunning agricultural views, peaceful plazas, fantastic local cafes and restaurants, bustling markets: just a small sample of what the area has to offer.

The island’s heart overflows with history and mythology. We find Roman, Moorish and Christian influence in the colourful vocabulary, music, architecture, traditions and cuisine. Sineu is a town with talayot remains; these prehistoric structures date the area back to the Megalithic age, while Inca is steeped in centuries of history: its first church was built on top of an Arab mosque and its inside walls feature Medieval art. Local artisans and winemakers offer quality beverages, crafts and exquisite local food. There is a creative community buzz amongst the almond trees and olive groves; this is where fashion outlets meet ancient vineyards.

The off-the-beaten-track vibe makes it ideal for hiking and cycling in nature – some trails are practically devoid of any other vehicles. The area has been revitalised by a younger, creative set who has chosen rustic beauty and simplicity over the hustle and bustle of coastal towns. Will you become one of them?