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Open the doors to our unique selection of holiday homes in Mallorca. From luxurious  beach front villas at sierra de tramuntana, to cozy countryside retreats in the heart of the islands. Get delighted by the beauty and charm of Mallorca in one of our outstanding holiday rentals. 

Born and raised on the island. We know well, love deeply and care unconditionally, all we offer in this site.


Born and raised on the island, we grew up surrounded by the timeless serenity and beauty of the Mediterranean.

As children, we would jump into crystal clear waters, explore secret rocks and caves and collect tiny treasures in the form of pine cones or pebbles. We experienced what seemed like endless summers, and felt safe, content and loved as we trvelled through the seasons with our families, enjoying our local traditions, festivals and foods.


Discover our curated collections of luxury holiday homes in Mallorca. From outstanding seafront villas to pet friendly homes and secluded retreats in the countryside. All selected by us for you.


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Corporate events

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Cozy countryside homes


Winter shelters

Starlit skies... silence...morning birdsong..


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